User Management for Scylla

Administrative access to your Scylla cluster is provided through an SSH portal. All Scylla deployments have an SSH portal by default.

To use the portal, you will first need to generate an SSH key on the machine you are trying to connect from, and add an SSH user on your Scylla deployment.

To create a user, go to the Portal Users panel on your Scylla deployment.


The portal users page.

Click the Add portal user button and for Portal User Type, select SSH User. Enter a name for the key in the Title field, and paste the public ssh key in the Key field.


Fields for adding a user and a key.



Our Scylla deployments do not have user management through the HAProxy portals. You can not provision username and passwords for HTTP users for Scylla. Even if you were to grant access here, attempting to use those credentials would result in a connection error.

You can add only SSH Users to your deployment.

When the SSH user is set up, that user should be able to use the command under SOCKS Proxy Configuration to gain SSH access to your deployment.

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