Data Browser for Redis

For a high-level view of why data browsers are available on Compose, and a full list of deployment types they are available on: Compose Deployments - Data Browsers.


The Redis data browser makes commands from the redis-cli available directly in the Compose UI. In addition, all of the Redis commands executable through the data browser are in redis-cli format for ease of usage through either interface.

The first page shows the Redis databases listed 0-15 and the number of keys in each. Click on a database to bring up a command-line to SCAN on keys in that database.


List of databases on the browser page.

To go back to the main deployment page, click on the deployment name at the upper-left.


Clicking on the database brings up a command-line for running SCAN on the database. The CURSOR can be set for subsequent calls and the number of items to be returned can be set with COUNT.

To add a MATCH field for wildcard searches, click on the match button found under the command-line.


SCAN command and results.

The keys that match the current SCAN are displayed in a list showing the type, and the number of characters (for strings), fields (for hashes), elements (for lists) or members (for sets) that the key represents. Click on the result to access the value. To delete the value click on the Delete button in the upper right.


Viewing the value of a key.

To return to the SCAN command, click on Keys. To return to the list of databases, click on Back.

Adding a New Key or Modifying an Existing Key

To add a new key, click on the Add Key button in the upper-right of the Keys view. There are five different key types available above the command-line: String, Hash, List, Set, and Sorted Set.


Adding a new key/value pair.

Clicking on one of the options brings up the Redis command for adding that type (SET, HSET, RPUSH, SADD, and ZADD respectively). For more specific information on each command there is a reference blurb to the right of the command-line.

If you wish to modify the value for an existing key, type in that key and the new value into the fields.

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