RabbitMQ Plugins

Starting with version 3.6.9, Compose has made a selection of RabbitMQ plugins available. Plugins require that the RabbitMQ deployment on Compose be any version of RabbitMQ 3.6.9 or later. If the menu item is not available, upgrade to the latest RabbitMQ.

Available plugins are:

The Plugins Page

RabbitMQ plugins available on Compose can be found on the Plugins page of your deployment. To enable a plugin, toggle the on/off switch to the right of the plugin name, then click the Set Active Plugins button at the bottom of the list.


Enabling plugins from the Compose console.

STOMP and MQTT Plugins

The STOMP and MQTT Plugins are also available for your RabbitMQ deployment, but they are found on the Add-ons page.

Enabling one these plugins provisions an additional HAProxy portal on your deployments, which includes an additional charge.

Details on how to enable and configure STOMP and MQTT on your deployment can be found on the RabbitMQ Add-ons page.

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