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MongoDB Classic Retirement

All Compose MongoDB Classic databases must be migrated to a current IBM or Compose MongoDB offering by June 30, 2020.

The "Why"

We announced in July 2018 that the Classic platform was being retired and have maintained business as usual for as long as possible. MongoDB Classic instances are running MongoDB version 3.0.11, which was marked end-of-life by MongoDB Inc in February 2018. Current versions of MongoDB are not available on the Compose Classic platform, and thus the database must be migrated to a different Compose (or IBM Cloud Databases) offering.

Migration Options

Option 1: Migrate to IBM Cloud Databases.

When it came to more closely integrating with IBM as part of the acquisition we decided to develop an entirely separate cloud database service inspired by Compose and deployed on Kubernetes running in IBM Cloud. We encourage our Compose customers to consider migrating to IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB. This offering provides native integrations to a variety of other Cloud Services available on IBM Cloud and offers more flexibility in scaling and resource management at a more cost effective rate. IBM Cloud Databases also offers dedicated cores to satisfy data and resource isolation requirements.

Migration guide:
Documentation for Databases for MongoDB:

Option 2: Stay on by migrating to Compose for MongoDB.

IBM Compose will continue to provide database hosting on AWS and GCP via for the foreseeable future.

We have tooling available in the Compose UI to facilitate a smooth migration. Basically, you'll create a new Compose for MongoDB deployment via UI, browse to the Imports tab, and select your MongoDB Classic database as the import source. You have some configuration options to choose from, including oplog tailing to continuously sync data for up to three days.

If you migrate to a Compose for MongoDB deployment that uses the mmapv1 storage engine, you are grandfathered into the Classic pricing model. If you migrate to a deployment that uses the WiredTiger storage engine, the rate is $30 per GB per month.

Migration guide:

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MongoDB Classic Retirement

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