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MongoDB Classic on Compose


MongoDB Classic Retirement

All Compose MongoDB Classic databases must be migrated to a current IBM/Compose MongoDB offering by June 30, 2020. Read more here:

MongoDB is a JSON-like document database store. It has a flexible schema, and comes with a built in potential to scale. It can be used for the primary database to back an application or to supplement performance of a SQL database. We've had customers use MongoDB for all types of roles in their technology stack.

Compose's auto-scaling deployments make using MongoDB a breeze. MongoDB works best with a reasonable ratio of RAM to data size and fast IO. Increasing database server capacity traditionally requires a change in server size, replacement of IO subsystems, and a coordinated operations process.

We have two deployment models of MongoDB on Compose. This section is for what we call MongoDB Classic; our older deployment model.

MongoDB has been superseded by our current MongoDB deployment model with more capabilities like SSL/TLS support and enhanced high availability. You can read about that in its own documentation section.

Data Center Availability

See Compose Datacenter Availability for current location availability.

How am I billed for my deployment?

Start at $18.00/mo for 2 nodes, 1GB of data and 102MB of RAM. After that, it's just $18/GB as your database grows. It's that simple.

What if I need more server resources at my data size (like RAM)?

Please send us a support request to reserve resources for your deployment. Though it's not yet a self-service feature, we can scale resources up to something larger than our auto-scaling algorithms would normally assign. This does increase the price of the service, however, since we bill based on the total resources assigned for a given deployment. For each "unit" that we increase your deployment you get 1GB of pre-allocated file system space, 0.1GB of RAM and an additional 30r/30w IOPS for $18.

Note: We will occasionally increase the RAM allotment on deployments to ease the work load on our operations group. We do not charge for the increases we put in place to help our operations group do a better job.

To preemptively upscale your deployment, you can stay entirely within our automated system and simply insert random data into a temporary collection until your deployment is taking up enough space to provision the amount of RAM that you want. Then drop the collection and you're all good. Your deployment will scale back down in price and RAM allotment when you reduce data and then perform a resync on both members of your deployment (It's worth noting that db.repairDatabase() is not sufficient).

Sounds good. Where can I find more information about MongoDB?

We've got a ton of great content to check out... There is our main how-to content within the Help Files:

In addition, we produce a wide range of technical content for the databases we offer. Check out our curated list of MongoDB articles:

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MongoDB Classic on Compose

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