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Kibana for Elasticsearch on Compose


You may enable the Kibana add-on from the Add-ons section of the Compose console.

Add-ons for an Elasticsearch deployment.Add-ons for an Elasticsearch deployment.

Add-ons for an Elasticsearch deployment.


The Kibana add-on is available for both Elasticsearch 2.x and Elasticsearch 5.x deployments. The version of Kibana is dependent on the version of Elasticsearch as follows:

Elasticsearch 2.4.x - Kibana 4.6.4
Elasticsearch 5.4.2 - Kibana 5.4.2

Connecting and Authentication

Once the Kibana capsule is up and running it's connection strings will appear on the Overview page of your deployment, under Connection info and Kibana HTTP connections.

Connection info panel of a Kibana-enabled deployment.Connection info panel of a Kibana-enabled deployment.

Connection info panel of a Kibana-enabled deployment.

Clicking either of the links will take you to a login page. The user credentials it asks for are the ones that you have provisioned in the Users section of your deployment.


The capsule starts with 256MB of memory. The capsule can be scaled with more memory on the Resources pane of your deployment.

Scaling is available in 256MB units and costs $6.50 per unit.

Adding memory to a Kibana capsule.Adding memory to a Kibana capsule.

Adding memory to a Kibana capsule.

Clicking the Confirm button will trigger the scaling operation.


To remove Kibana from your deployment, click on the Configure button in the Add-ons panel.

Clicking on the Remove Kibana button on the next panel will trigger the destruction of the capsule running Kibana and remove it from your deployment.

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Kibana for Elasticsearch on Compose

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