Getting Started with Compose

Compose is a platform for production-ready database hosting. Each database deployment is autoscaling and configured to be highly available. Once deployed, Compose manages and maintains your database with automatic backups and constant health checks to ensure smooth operation of the applications you attach to it. Less time spent managing databases means more time to develop your applications to grow your business.

To get started, simply create a Compose account, create a database deployment, then connect your application to the database.

Our full range of database deployments – MongoDB with SSL, Elasticsearch, RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, etcd and RabbitMQ – are available on AWS, SoftLayer and Google Cloud.

You'll also find our older MongoDB Classic deployments available on AWS, DigitalOcean and SoftLayer.


Our database deployments are highly available, secure, and scale automatically based on resource consumption. If you're looking for information on all things Compose, check out our Compose Platform FAQ which covers the features shared by all Compose databases.

All Compose databases use this model to ensure that you're paying only for the resources you need. You can estimate your cost using our pricing calculator.


Our databases are packaged with a common user-interface and shared capabilities. This includes data-browsers, resources/scaling management, portal management, IP whitelists, access control, add-ons, and settings. In the Introduction to Deployments section, we cover all these capabilities in detail as they apply to the Compose databases listed below.


MongoDB is a flexible, highly-scalable JSON-like data store that comes with a solid query language. MongoDB functions well as an application's primary database, a caching layer for SQL databases, and various use cases in between.

Elasticsearch is optimized for complex queries such as site-wide searches or other complex criteria. Elasticsearch excels at common schema designs such as tagging and multiple range conditions. Elasticsearch is a powerful stand-alone tool and is often combined with PostgreSQL or MongoDB.

RethinkDB is an emerging database technology with a JSON data model, joins, subqueries, aggregation, and atomic updates. RethinkDB includes the ability to shard, automatic query distribution, MVCC concurrency, and lock-free operation.

Redis is a simple key-value store. A key string matches a single value. Its simplicity leads to ultra high performance. Redis is commonly used as a buffer, queue, job system, or transient database. Redis' simplicity can be used in surprising ways.

PostgreSQL is a full-featured SQL database. PostgreSQL is used for all types of data from the primary application datastore to a data warehouse.

RabbitMQ if you're looking for a stable and reliable message broker. Send updates to users, poll internal database members -- RabbitMQ is ideal if you're sending messages between various points.

etcd is a key/value storage medium optimized for configuration management. Keep your configuration files in sync across a distributed platform.

Scylla is a lightning fast, low-latency NoSQL column-store that boasts 1 million transactions per second per node. As a drop-in replacement for Cassandra, ScyllaDB is ready to run your app with blazingly fast reads and writes.

MySQL is one of the foundations of the modern web - it is the M in the original LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python/Perl/PHP) - and has evolved over the years from a simple SQL database for the web to an enterprise capable database solution capable of taking on mission critical tasks.


If you're looking for support, we've got your back. We've outlined all of our introductory support options here, give them a browse. If you're interested in ramping up your support coverage...

Compose Enhanced is an account-level service for customers with custom, critical, or special-needs installations. The service provides tools, super-fast ticket responses, an SLA, and private networking options for dedicated clusters.

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