The Enterprise Console

A Compose Enterprise deployment consists of a number of hosts, typically three, configured as a cluster to provide the resources your database deployments need.

To view and configure those hosts and deployments, you can use the Enterprise Console, a dedicated section of the Compose Console for Enterprise users. From the Enterprise Console, users can view the clusters attached to their account and their current status and usage. They can then drill down into them to manage the cluster's database deployments and the capsules that those deployments are comprised of.

Accessing the Enterprise Console

On the left-hand sidebar of your Compose Console is an Enterprise icon.


Accessing Enterprise through the Compose UI.

Selecting that will display any Enterprise Console as display the clusters you have attached to your account.


Listing of Enterprise Clusters

For each cluster, its name, current status and number of hosts are displayed along with a usage meter.


Usage meter for a cluster.

The usage meter shows, from left to right, the percentage of RAM used in this cluster, the number of gigabytes of RAM used in this cluster, the total available RAM in the cluster and a graphical representation of those values. Note these are the totals for the entire cluster.

To see the Cluster View for any cluster, click on the cluster name on the left.

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