Enhanced Support


Compose Enhanced is an account-level service for customers with critical production database installations. The service provides an uptime SLA, tools, faster access to experts 24x7, and private networking options for dedicated clusters.

Accounts with the Enhanced service pay 20% of their infrastructure spend, with a minimum of $1,000/mo.

Intensive Care

Our on-call support engineers respond to critical issues for Enhanced customers within 1 hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Customers should submit critical issues using their account specific support email address for the fastest response possible.

Non-critical support requests should be submitted via the standard [email protected] email address, or using the in-app web form.


Enhanced support provides an SLA. The terms of the SLA are included in Section 1.1 of our Service Description as part of our Terms of Service.


Find out more about Enhanced Support

Email [email protected] to get more information about Enhanced Support from Compose.