User Management for Elasticsearch

Access to your Elasticsearch cluster is provided through two HTTP/HAProxy portals on your deployment. Any user on your Compose account that can log in and access the deployment in the Compose console will be able to use the console to manage the cluster and data, but will NOT have access through cURL or to any other of the HTTP-enabled services (like Kibana).

HTTP Users

In order to use enable cURL, Kibana, etc. you will need to provision users with usernames and passwords for HTTP/HAProxy access. To do so, go to the Portal Users panel on your Elasticsearch deployment.


Users panel before users have been added.

To add a user, click the Add portal user button and enter a username and password for the new user.


Define a user and password.

Portal users that you add can connect over HTTP with the connection strings found on the Overview under Connection info. The username and password also allow access to Kibana if you have enabled it. Users that you add are listed on the Portal Users panel.


Portal Users list for an Elasticsearch deployment.

Note: There is no way to recover a user's password or to change it. You can delete a user by clicking the Delete button.

SSH Users

If you have added an SSH portal to your deployment then you will have the option to add an SSH user.


Adding an SSH user.

Adding a public key allows the user or application to connect to your cluster securely through the SSH tunnel.

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