Introduction to Deployments

The Deployment Page

When you first log into the Compose UI, the first page you see is the Deployments page with a list of all your deployments. On the right is an icon with the database type and the deployment name. To the left is the datacenter and location of the deployment.

Sort Your Deployments

In the upper-right of the Deployments page, there is a drop-down menu for sorting your deployments.

  • Group by: Tenancy - standard Compose Hosted deployments will all fall under Compose Hosted. If you have Compose Enterprise deployments, they will fall under Compose Enterprise.

Deployments list grouped by Tenancy.

  • Group by: Datacenter - deployments will be sorted into the region and platform that they reside on in alphabetical order.

Deployments list grouped by Datacenter.

  • Group by: Billing Code - If you make use of the Billing Code field in the deployment Settings, then you may group all the deployments with the same billing code together. Deployments without a billing code will fall under (no billing code).

Deployments list grouped by Billing Code.

New Deployments

To set up a new deployment, click on the Create Deployment button in the upper-left, which brings up a list of database types.


New Deployment page.

Once you have chosen a database type, you can select which datacenter, location, and platform you would like to use. You may also select the starting size of your deployment. Depending on database type there might also be some other options to choose at this step, like storage engine.

The Deployment Overview

Once you have a deployment up and running, the Deployment Overview page is where the most relevant information about that deployment can be found.


The Deployment Overview page from a Compose for MySQL deployment.

Deployment health, usage, connection strings, topology, and certificate information is displayed here along with user defined notes and billing codes.

The side-bar links to the features used to manage the deployment and your data for this database type.

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