Deployment Features

Every Compose database is delivered in a Compose deployment - a self-contained, privately networked, high availability configuration of database and utility capsules. This also means Compose databases have common web front ends to their functionality. We discuss those elements of the front end here to make it clear what each database has in common on Compose.

  • Data Browsers: Each deployment offers a data browser that can let users view and manipulate various aspects of the database. This section covers the capabilities of each database's browser and links on to a detailed page about them.
  • Portal Management: Each deployment has access portals that allow external applications to connect to the databases. This section covers how you can manage the types of portals available.
  • Whitelists: Each deployment also has a number of security features to control access. This section covers the whitelist functionality.
  • Access Control: As well as account level control of who can deploy and destroy databases, deployments offer per-database access controls. This section covers how to configure that access.
  • Capsule Memory Metrics: Information on how the capsules that make up the deployment are using their memory resources is available. This section covers how to interpret that information.
  • Add-ons Each deployment has a number of add-on capsules to enable further functionality, such as log or metrics integration. The Add-ons section covers these capabilities and links to deployment-specific information about how the add-ons operate.