Deployment Access Control

Access control for deployments works alongside access control for accounts. It's worth reading Compose Access Controls as well as this covers the higher level permissions. To set a deployment's access control, the user must have been granted admin role for the account.

Access Control for deployments

Each database deployment has an Access view. If a user has the Admin role (or account level Owner role) then they can set user and team roles for that deployment. For a database deployment, those roles are Developer, Manager and Admin.


Database Deployment Permissions

Developer role

The Developer role grants access to connection strings, backups and logs - the essential information of the database. Only users with the Developer role can see this information, isolating the administration of the database from the actual usage and access.

Manager role

The Manager role when granted, lets the user scale the deployment, add and remove portals and set the database specific controls which exist.

Admin role

The Admin role combines both Developer and Manager together with control over access and roles. The Admin role also grants the ability to deprovision the database deployment.

The Admin role for a database is automatically granted to the user that deployed the database, but it can be shared or transferred to another user. The account owner, of course, has full access to the account.

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