Deleting Deployments


Deployments are the fundamental unit of a Compose account, with each deployment containing a particular configuration of a type of database. An account can have any number of deployments with no restriction on database types.

If you have no deployments on your account, then your account will not accrue charges. You may leave an account with Compose open indefinitely, while having no deployments, without being charged.

A deployment can be deleted at any time from the bottom of the Settings page in the Compose UI. Usage is computed hourly so once the deployment has been deleted and its resources deprovisioned, you will be billed up to and including the hour when it finishes.


The button to delete the deployment.

As a measure against accidental deletions, you will have to enter the deployment name as confirmation then click on the Delete Deployment button. As an additional measure against unauthorized deletions, you may also have to re-enter your password before entering the deployment name by clicking on the Authenticate Before Deleting button.

While the deployment is being deleted and it's resources are being deprovisioned, it will appear in your list of deployments with the label '(deprovisioning)'.


A deployment that is being deleted.

Backups of Deleted Deployments



There is NO backup made upon deployment deletion. It is advised that you make an on-demand backup yourself before deleting your deployment.

For a limited time after you delete a deployment, the backups from that deployment will be available to you. Any of the monthly, weekly, and daily automated backups will be there, as well as your latest on-demand backup.
A link to the backups will be on the Deployments page of the Compose UI.


Deleted deployments listed at the bottom of the Deployments page.

You have the option to either download or restore to a new deployment; dependent on the deployment type and that type's backup/restore options. Details on backup/restore options for different Compose deployments are on the [Backups] page.

All of the database backups for your deployments are destroyed 65 days after deleting a respective deployment.

Closing Your Account

In order to completely close your Compose account you must first delete all your deployments. If you think you may want to use any Compose services, you should leave the account open with no deployments. This stops charges, but will allow you to use your account again in the future.

More information on the connection between your account, deployment, billing and closing your account can be found on:

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