Connection Limits

In most cases on Compose, database connections is managed through HAProxy or other portals. Connection limits for portals are enumerated in the table below. If you need more connections, it is possible to add portals via the Security page on your deployment.

Deployment TypeNumber of ConnectionsPerSee
MongoDB5000Mongos router
PostgreSQL100 - 1000Deployment1
Elasticsearch2000HAProxy portal
Redis4096HAProxy portal
RethinkDB2000Rethink Proxy
RabbitMQ1000HAProxy portal
etcd 32000HAProxy portal
Scylla1000HAProxy portal
Compose for MySQL95HAProxy portal2

1: PostgreSQL: If your database needs more connections and you are unable to set the connections value any higher, then add additional resources , and check to see if the connection limit can be raised.

2: Compose for MySQL: There is a MAXIMUM of 151 connections per deployment.

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