Compose Database-as-a-Service Help and Documentation

Everything you need to know about Compose, Hosted or Enterprise, is here in our help system. Whether you run one database for your businesses' sole application or six different databases to support an entire corporation, we've got the information you need.

Standard Support

Humans, at your service!

We offer email-based support for all of our users, and do our best to respond to tickets within 24 hours, most times much quicker.

Compose users can also raise tickets from within the Compose application by selecting the Support icon in the left hand side bar, then clicking on Open a ticket. Within the application you can also review past tickets and add more information to in-progress tickets. Going to will take you straight to your tickets page.

How we handle tickets

We answer tickets from customers with dedicated deployments first, paid shared databases second, then move on to free account support. When support volume is high, response times may be slower.

We do not monitor Twitter or other social media for support purposes. If there appears to be a problem, please ensure that you have opened a ticket for it.

Let us know if it's critical

If you are seeing an issue that is critical in nature, please let us know when you submit a ticket. That way, we can better prioritize impacting problems as compared to general questions. Also, please try to let us know what database your ticket is in reference to. This is a big help for our support and operations teams.

Email Support

If you have a question or issue and need to get in touch with the team at Compose, you can send an email to If you'd just like to send us some feedback, or have a general question... we're all ears.

If you feel you may be looking for enhanced support, consider the Compose Enhanced option.

Standard Support