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Everything you need to know about Compose, Hosted or Enterprise, is here in our help system. Whether you run one database for your businesses' sole application or six different databases to support an entire corporation, we've got the information you need.

Compose Datacenter Availability

Compose is available in a range of datacenters and a number of cloud platforms. Below, we list the Compose databases and where and how they can be deployed.

Compose Hosted Databases

Includes MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RethinkDB, etcd, RabbitMQ and Scylla.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • us-east-1 (North Virginia)
  • us-west-2 (Oregon)
  • eu-west-1 (Dublin)
  • eu-central-1 (Frankfurt)
  • ap-southeast-1 (Singapore)

Google Cloud Platform

  • us-east1 (South Carolina)
  • europe-west1 (Belgium)

New provisions of Compose deployments on SoftLayer are no longer available. If you have existing deployments on SoftLayer you will still be able to restore them to the same regions. If you want to use SoftLayer for new deployments, please use IBM Cloud.

Compose Enterprise Clusters

Supporting MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, RethinkDB, etcd, RabbitMQ and Scylla

Most SoftLayer regions can support Compose Enterprise Clusters. Further details are available on the Compose Enterprise site or you can request information through the contact form.

Compose Hosted MongoDB Classic

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • us-east-1 (Virginia)
  • us-west-2 (Oregon)
  • eu-west-1 (Ireland)
  • ap-southwest-2 (Sydney, Australia)


  • nyc3 (New York City)
  • sf1 (San Francisco)
  • lon1 (London)

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Compose Datacenter Availability

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