Compose Accounts


Email Address

Your Compose account is registered to the email address you signed up with. All Compose correspondence will go to this email address, including information about your deployments, scaling operations, or other things that may affect your account. Most importantly, an email address can only be associated with a single active account, including email addresses associated as users (not just owners) on active accounts. If you have an email address associated with a user on an account, that email address can not be used to open another account.

Credit Card

A credit card is required to be associated with your Compose account. It is not possible to remove all credit card information from your account without closing it entirely.


Deployments are the base unit of a Compose account. An account can have multiple deployments of any combination of types. Billing is based on per-deployment usage. Outside of the 30-day trial period, deployments accrue charges on an hourly basis, and are billed monthly.

Each deployment's current monthly cost is displayed on its Overview, in the Current Usage panel.

It is possible to stop charges to your account by deleting all your deployments. More information is on the Deleting Deployments page.

More Information

These links have more information on billing, payments, and invoicing:

The full Terms of Service is available on the website:

Account Settings

The Compose UI has an account section where you can find all the settings to manage your account. If you are the account owner, this is where you can add users, make teams, assign roles, and perform other administrative functions.

Screenshots and details are on the Account Settings page.

Account Recovery

Occasionally, organizations or individuals will need to recover an account. There is a password reset link on the sign-in page; it will send instructions to the email address that you used to setup your account. Contact support if you need assistance recovering Owner access, can no longer access the email associated with your account, or have other questions about account administration.

Closing Your Account

If you are no longer using Compose, you will first want to delete all deployments from your account. This stops your account from accruing charges. The Delete Deployment button is on the Settings page of each deployment. Full instructions can be found on the Deleting Deployments page.

You may leave your account open without being charged, with no deployments, for as long as you like, especially if you think you might return to Compose in the future.

If you are sure you are ready, the button to close your account is found at the bottom of the main Accounts page in the Compose UI. There are three major steps to consider before closing your account; including considering whether you will want to use the same email address with Compose in the future. The steps are:

  1. Take backups and download them.
  2. Delete all deployments on your account.
  3. Close the account.

For a detailed look at what happens when you close your account, please check out the Closing Your Account page.

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