Compose Account Monitoring

To help you with controlling access to your account, deployments, and data, Compose offers a range of mechanisms to provision and monitor users and activity.

Information like this is valuable because it provides you an easy way to monitor all the events that happen to your Compose account and ensure that all are within the bounds of what you and your team expect.

How to access your account activity

You can open the Account Activity area by doing the following:

  1. After logging into Compose, click on your name in the top-right of the screen. This takes you to your Account area.
  2. Click on the “Activity” button on the left.

Once there, you can see activity, sorted by most recent events.

What events are currently monitored?

  • Login attempts (by IP address) to your Compose account. (both success/fail)
  • Adding/removing Compose users to your account.
  • Enabling/disabling two-factor authentication.
  • Failed two-factor authentication attempts.
  • Attempts tp use two-factor authentication recovery codes. (both success/fail)
  • De-provisioning a database.
  • Adding/removing users on a database.
  • Changing the version of a database.
  • Issuing replica set state changes from the web interface.

These events are deployment level and account-wide and represented by codes.

How long are events maintained on this list?

This report maintains a list of the last 200 events that have happened on your user on your Compose account.

Access Controls

Compose Access Controls allow you to provision account-wide users and assign them roles.

Two Factor Authentication

We support Two-Factor Authentication and allow you to enforce that all your users enable it.

Event monitoring

We provide event monitoring.