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MongoDB Databases


This is the older REST API and is now deprecated.

Go to the dedicated for details of the current API which works with all Compose databases with the exception of the MongoDB Classic deployments.


Base URL

All MongoDB database endpoint URLs begin with:


To improve readability, we’ve substituted a . for this string in the descriptions below.

Common Parameters

:accountAn account slug
:deploymentA deployment id or name
:databaseThe name of a database on :deployment

GET ./mongodb/:database/stats

GET /deployments/:account/:deployment/mongodb/:database/stats

Return stats from all members associated with the database.

This is the same information returned from the MongoDB db.stats() shell command.

Querystring Parameters

scaleIntegerBytesize scale, i.e. a value of 1024 works like db.stats(1024).


curl -i -X GET '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Accept-Version: 2014-06' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer [OAUTH_TOKEN]'


    "": {
      "avgObjSize": 435.58620689655174,
      "collections": 23,
      "dataFileVersion": {
        "major": 4,
        "minor": 5
      "dataSize": 164216,
      "db": "database-1",
      "fileSize": 201326592,
      "indexSize": 171696,
      "indexes": 21,
      "nsSizeMB": 16,
      "numExtents": 27,
      "objects": 377,
      "ok": 1,
      "storageSize": 651264

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MongoDB Databases

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