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Historical Logs


This is the older REST API and is now deprecated.

Go to the dedicated for details of the current API which works with all Compose databases with the exception of the MongoDB Classic deployments.

Common Parameters

:accountAn account slug
:deploymentA deployment id or name

GET /deployments/:account/:deployment/historical_logs

Querystring Params

dayDate (ISO 8601)Date of the logs to retrieve.
grepStringElasticsearch-compliant regexp.
searchStringOnly show log entries containing this string.
excludeStringOnly show logs that don’t include this string.
fromIntegerLog entry number to start from. Defaults to 0.
sizeIntegerNumber of log entries to display. Defaults to 50.
from_dateDate (ISO 8601)Query the logs starting from this date.
to_dateDate (ISO 8601)Query the logs ending at this date.
sortStringSort results in asc or desc order.


curl -i -X GET '' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Accept-Version: 2014-06' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer [OAUTH_TOKEN]'


  "": {
    logs: [
        ts: "2014-06-16T00:01:34.000Z",
        message: "Mon Jun 16 00:01:33.926 [conn298038] end connection (4 connections now open)"
      // ...
    total: 1245
  // ...

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Historical Logs

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