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Syslog-NG Setup

Currently, the Syslog-NG add-on supports the following cloud logging services:
Logentries -- Legacy


To send your logs to Papertrail, you will need to supply the hostname and port from a connection string supplied by your Papertrail account.

You will find it in your account under Settings, in Log Destinations. You can either use an existing destination or generate a new one. You will need the hostname:port information.

Papertrail Settings showing the Log Destinations panel.

At the Compose console, select Papertrail from the drop-down menu and enter the Hostname and Port number from your Papertrail destination.

Compose Syslog-NG showing Papertrail setup.

Clicking on the Add Syslog-NG button triggers the rolling restart of the database and installs the add-on. You should start to see logs in Papertrail.

Once Syslog-NG is enabled and the host configured the screen will show Papertrail as the log provider for the deployment and the full connection string in the Connection Host field.


To send your logs to Loggly, you will need to supply the syslog endpoint: and your user token from your account. It's found in the Source Setup tab, under Customer Tokens. Copy the existing token or create a new one to copy and use.

Customer tokens page in Loggly.

Back at the Compose console enter into the Hostname field and paste your token into the Customer Token field.

Compose Syslog-NG showing Loggly setup.

Clicking on the Add Syslog-NG button triggers the rolling restart of the database and installs the add-on. You should start to see logs in Loggly.


In 2017, Logentries became InsightOps. Unfortunately, the configuration we were using for Logentries will no longer work to forward logs to InsightOps. Deployments with Logentries configured previous to this change have continued to work, but there is currently no way to reconfigure or add Logentries to a new deployment.

Configuration and Removal

Current configuration information of the Syslog-NG addon shows the service you are currently forwarding to, the connection string, and the credential information being used for you log service account.

The Remove Add-on button.

To reconfigure the addon, change log services, or adjust connection strings it will be necessary to remove it first and then re-install. To remove the addon click on the Remove Syslog-NG button. This will cause a rolling restart of the database and may affect your application for the duration of the restart.

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Syslog-NG Setup

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