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Oplog Access Setup

You can enable oplog access in the Add-ons section of the Compose UI.

The add-on adds a haproxy portal to your deployment, with its own connection settings, so you have the choice here to enable SSL. To install the add-on click on the Add MongoDB Oplog Access button.

Setting up Oplog access through the Compose UI.Setting up Oplog access through the Compose UI.

Setting up Oplog access through the Compose UI.

Once the add-on is installed, you will see all the connection details for the new portal: username/password, URI, and connection string. If you enabled SSL, you can also get the self-signed certificate.

Oplog configuration and connection strings.Oplog configuration and connection strings.

Oplog configuration and connection strings.

To remove the add-on, click on the Remove MongoDB Oplog Access button.

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Oplog Access Setup

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