Payments to Compose are charged to the credit card you provided at sign-up (unless you have since updated your account with new card information). Cards are charged on the first Friday of every month for the previous month's usage.

Updating Credit Card Information

To update your credit card information:

  • Log in to your Compose account and click Account.
  • Click Billing in the Account view.
  • Select the Credit Cards tab in the Billing panel.

To update an existing card's info, click on the update billing info button next to the card you wish to modify. In order to change the card number, CVV/CSC, or expiration date, you will have to add it as if it was a new card.


Credit cards panel.

To add a new card, click the Add Card button. A dialog box will appear asking for the name on the card and the billing address. Click Payment Info to advance the dialog and enter the card number, expiration date, and CVC. If you are an international customer, you might see a field labeled VAT id, which can be used for your VAT id as well as for tax identification, VIT, etc if required by your local regulations. Click Save Payment Method to add the card to your account

You can make a card the default payment method for your account by clicking the default button to the left of the card information in the Credit cards on account panel. There must be at least one default payment method on your account.

You can remove a card from your account by clicking on the -- symbol to the right of the card information. A card set as default cannot be removed, another card must be set as a default before removal.


Outstanding Charges

If you update or add a credit card to your account, any outstanding charges will be run against it.

Coupons and Service Credits

Occasionally, you might receive a coupon or credit from Compose. You can apply the coupon from the Billing pane by filling in the Add Service Credit Coupon field with the code you were given. Click Redeem to apply the credit to your account.

If you receive an error indicating the code is invalid, contact our support team at [email protected]. Please let us know the code and where you received the code. This will aid us in investigating the issue.

Payments Processing and Failed Payments

Compose uses the PCI-compliant payment processor Stripe for encrypting, transmitting, and processing credit card payments.

If your invoice fails to process for some reason (because the card has expired, for example), ask your Compose account owner to update the financial information stored on your account. Once a card has been added or updated, the charges will be automatically run again. If the card isn't updated the failed payments are rerun every 3 days.

Declined Payments

Generally speaking, Compose does not have information about declined payments. If your card payment was declined, please contact your bank or issuing institution.

Account Access and User Roles

If you have a team using Compose and have assigned roles, only the Account Owner and the Billing Manager can manage these payment settings. If you are unable to see or modify these settings, it could be because you are not assigned to one of these roles. For more information on managing account access and roles, see the Compose Access Controls page.

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