You can see a breakdown of your account spend in the Billing panel of your Compose Account view.


The Overview tab shows the latest summary of the most recent invoice and payment on your account.

  • Service Charges indicates how much you were charged in the latest invoice.
  • Paid with card ending in XXXX indicates the amount that was paid to Compose.

Any outstanding balance will appear on the bottom line.


The Billing page, displaying the latest invoice.

Detailed Invoices

If you would like a detailed breakdown of charges by deployment click View Detailed Invoices in the top-right corner of the Overview.


Sample Detailed Invoice.

The Detailed Invoices page lists your deployments and the corresponding usage and cost of each.

  • Charges lists your deployments by name and deployment type.
  • Usage shows the dates and number of hours each deployment was active on your account.
  • Cost shows the amount billed to each deployment.
  • Payments, shown below the list of deployments, shows the date a payment was posted, the amount paid, and any unpaid balance.

To Download a .pdf copy of the invoice, click on the Download PDF button in the upper-right of any detailed invoice page.

Past Invoices

To view past invoices, select the Invoices tab on the Billing panel. The Invoices view lists each month's invoice, along with the billed usage, the amount paid, and any outstanding balance. Click on an invoice's service dates to view the detailed invoice.

Hourly Usage on the Invoice

As an example of how the hourly usage monitoring influences the amount you are billed, take a look at the top line of the invoice associated with the prominent-elasticsearch-30: elastic_search deployment.


Line item from invoice, elasticsearch billing.

It entered the month of February as a clean, standard deployment at 2GB of storage and 204MB of memory and no extras at $45.00. A few days into to month, an SSH portal was added to the deployment. The monthly cost of the portal is an additional $4.50 monthly, and checking the Current Usage from the Compose UI reflects the increased monthly spend of $49.50.


Current Usage from the elasticsearch deployment.

However, the invoice reflects a charge of $47.48, because the portal was not present for all 672 hours in the month of February. It was only present for part of the month, so the actual billing amount reflects the increased cost for those hours only.

Customizing Your Invoices

The Settings tab of the Billing panel provides options for customizing your invoice. If you need to keep track of your Compose expenses with a billing code, a department id, or a note to the finance folks, you can add custom text to your invoices, and set email addresses to receive a copy.


Settings panel for billing.

  • Email addresses entered into the text field should be separated by commas.
  • Text entered into the Custom information for invoices appears on the top of .pdf copies of your invoice.

Sample .pdf invoice.

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