Closing Your Account

Customers are allowed to close their account at any time. Compose will bill on usage up to the point in the month when the account is closed in addition to any outstanding balance. Upon closing, the account will be terminated and data removed from the Compose application.



We charge on the first Friday of each month, so if you were to remove all deployments at this time, there would still be a smaller outstanding charge that you'll see at the beginning of next month (to account for the usage between the 1st and the date for the first Friday). However, that will be the last charge that you'd have.

You can read more about how billing works on your account on the Billing page.

Accounts vs. Deployments

Compose accounts are provided free of charge. A customer is only charged if they have database deployments running. You may delete all deployments on your account, which will stop any further charges, while leaving the account open should you wish to spin up a deployment in the future.


Deleting Deployments

In order to close your account you will have to first delete all your current deployments. Information on deleting deployments is found on the Deleting Depolyments page.

Once the deployments are gone, the account can be deleted through the Compose UI.

Closing Your Account

Please note that this is a one way action. There is a 30 day window where an account can be recovered. During this window a new account using the same email address can not be created. After the 30 day window the account can never be opened again, but a new account can be created.

The Close Account button lives in the Accounts section of the Compose UI. Scroll to the bottom under the heading Close your Compose Account.


Location of the Close Account button.

We do recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Make sure you download any backups that you may need. Once your account is removed from our system, your data will be scrubbed and unrecoverable. Once you've got that final backup, you can continue on.
  2. For each deployment, click the name of the deployment, then Settings, and then click on the Delete Deployment button. Deployments are fully removed within just 1-2 minutes of confirming the delete.
  3. After you've removed your deployments, come back to the Account section and scroll down to the Close Account button. Click that to confirm.

Final Steps

Once you have pressed the Close Account button, the final charges for your account will be tallied and your final invoice will be charged at the end of that billing cycle to the credit card on file.

Once an account has entered a zero balance, your email address, all account information, and payment information is removed from our system after 30 days.

All of the database backups for your deployments are destroyed 90 days after deleting a respective deployment.

Please contact support ([email protected]) within 30 days if you need to recover an account or if you have any questions about account deletion.

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